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Get a Jump Start on Fall Cleaning

In addition to taking in the changing colours of the leaves and enjoying that first piece of pumpkin pie (perhaps with a dollop of maple syrup infused whipped cream?), there’s no denying that the upcoming Thanksgiving long weekend signals the unofficial countdown to winter for Canadians coast-to-coast. And, in doing so, the holiday jumpstarts fall cleaning for a lot of households, cottages, cabins and chalets with a focus on the outdoors. Here’s the deal: If you can accomplish the two major ...


Make Your Home Sun-Sationally Clean

Canadians know how to get their summer on! We’d like to help you up the enjoyment factor at home, at the cottage or cabin, or even while taking in the great outdoors in one of our glorious provincial parks. These three helpful hints are designed to maximize convenience and cleanliness while minimizing hassles all season long. Have fun! Cleaning Caddy  A 2020 twist on our classic Cleaning Caddy stocked with household cleaning essentials and tools, set up a second one right inside your front ...


Get Outside for Summertime Fun!

With safe social gatherings at a distance a go at last, backyard gardens, patios, and pools across the country are bound to be the place to be this summer with family & friends (in your circle, of course)!   No-Knees Floor Scrub  Summer’s here and that means one thing: No shoes! So, be sure to scrub your patio stones, interlocking brick and concrete poolside surround weekly with the Libman No-Knees Floor Scrub to maintain a clean and tidy surface for little and big bare feet alike all s...


Keep It Quaran-Clean!

With schools, offices and gyms currently closed across the country, household bathrooms are really getting a workout this spring. Residential water consumption is up so we’re sharing the low down on how to keep the busiest room in the house fresh and clean during quarantine.   Now if this baby isn’t Instagram-worthy, we don’t know what is! The only time water is truly welcome on the bathroom floor, the  self-contained 360-degree Spin Mop & Bucket comes complete with a stainless steel wr...


#ColourAtHome Activity Colouring Sheets

With families across the country in self-isolation at home, you’re likely looking for a few additional activities to keep the kids occupied right now We're here to help! Each week we'll upload a new colouring sheet to this page for you to download and print. From here, we want to see the creativity flow! Colour in the images, scan or take a picture of your masterpiece, and share it with the world via our Facebook Page at! Let's see how many artists we t...


Spring Cleaning: Small Tools - Big Results!

Some spring cleaning jobs call for the smallest of tools. Get these jobs done more completely with Libman brushes! Check out this month’s blog to read about how you can see big results this season with these smart tips. Small Brush, BIG Cleaning Power! Pull off your own patio season opener this spring by getting outdoor furniture, plant pots and more in tip-top shape now while you have the time at home. Start smart with a bucket of warm water and soap, and the new ergonomic Small Scrub Brus...


Get a Jump Start On Cleaning Your Home

In addition to springing forward with a little more daylight for all, March has us seeing winter's dust bunnies and debris more clearly than ever. Let's get a jump start on cleaning up around the house and on the job, shall we? How many fingers do you see? Fun fact: Each finger found on our Microfibre Dust Mop works hard to pick up dust and allergens, protecting your home from dirt and germs. With a reusable and machine-washable pad and a specially designed comb to brush out the yucky stuf...


Clean the February Blahs Away

Winter weather got you feeling cooped up and a bit blah? Improve your mood with quick and easy cleaning tips. Yep - you read that right. Science says cleaning up around the house can lift your spirits (and help with the chaotic clutter, too). Check out the tips below to see how.    Introducing the Libman Cleaning Caddy! A place for everything - and everything in its place! We're excited to introduce the Libman Cleaning Caddy to Canada, keeping your favourite go-to household cleaning tools o...


New Year's Resolution: Get Your Home Cleaner & More Organized

Happy New Year! As we enter 2020, now is the perfect time to start new habits to ensure your home is clean and organized. Once you get your holiday wares packed up and stored for the season, your home may be in a bit of disarray with furniture out of place as well as tinsel and pine needles lying about. Getting back in order can take a little effort. Thankfully, there are Libman cleaning tools you can use to get your home cleaned and organized so you can get on with your everyday routine.  A...


Unwrap the Gift of a Clean Home

Whatever your reason to celebrate this season, we're sure you have a to-do list long enough to make even the jolliest old fella jealous! From getting crafty with the kiddos and decorating the house to making all the things, baking all the cookies, entertaining all the neighbours - and even finding some quiet time outdoors - go ahead and give yourself permission to embrace life's messes. And let Libman be your own personal holiday helper. Glitter, be gone! Whether you've just wrapped up a spa...


Get Your Home Holiday Guest-Ready

  With the season of merry and messy entertaining upon us, we're sharing three smart cleaning tips to get your home guest-ready now. By making your holiday to-do list a little lighter this month, you'll avoid the inevitable stress down the road. There are plenty of Libman Cleaning Tools available to make your holidays less frantic and more festive. Give yourself that gift! Indoor/Outdoor Angle Broom Bundle up and begin outside! The Libman Indoor/Outdoor Angle Broom is strong enough to clear ...


Time to Give Thanks

Hay bales and a harvest moon have signaled autumn's arrival -- October sure is a busy one around the house! We're sharing a month's worth of cleaning tips and hints here designed to help you survive Thankgiving, Halloween and every day in between.  With gorgeous gourds, devilish goblins and pumpkin spice everything out in full force, 'tis the season for giving thanks and getting the yard cleaned up and in shape for the colder temps ahead. In addition to raking leaves and trimming back garde...


The Big List of Bathroom Cleaning Tips

The bathroom is arguably the grossest room in your house. And now that the holidays are over and the houseguests have left, it’s time to reclaim your space! So, this month, we’re unleashing the mother load of bathroom cleaning tips. Get ready to get your mind blown because this is our complete list of restroom cleaning hacks and how-to’s. Ready, set, scrub!   Toilet Before cleaning your toilet, drop two Alka Seltzer tablets into the bowl. After they fizz, clean the bowl with a Libman Toile...


How to Get Kids Excited About Chores

  “Chores are fun!” said no child ever. With summer break just beginning, your kids are going to be spending lots more time at home. Every parent knows that more time at home means more opportunities for mess making. So, how do you pull your kids away from their video games, neighborhood hangouts, and endless playtime to do the thing they dread the most: chores? Here are a few tips on how to encourage – and maybe even get kids excited about – cleaning!  Use Fun Tools Why not use cleaning too...


Prepping for Pet Messes

  Believe it or not, it’s totally possible to have a clean home and own a pet (or two). Just because you have a dog doesn’t mean your house has to smell like dog. And even though your cat may be shedding his winter coat, you don’t have to be covered in cat hair. Pet messes are just part of pet ownership, but the key to a clean home is to plan for the mess rather than reacting to it as it happens. We’ve compiled seven tips on how to plan for the inevitable pet messes. (Or at least clean them ...


A Tidy Home is Tied to Wellness

With all the buzz around Marie Kondo’s Netflix show, “Tidying Up,” America has become obsessed with cleaning out our closets, shelves, kitchens, and garages. As we consider what items in our home “spark joy,” we also need to consider why it’s so important to de-clutter our homes. Multiple studies suggest that a tidier home can lead to lower levels of stress, increased productivity, and overall wellness. And, who doesn’t need that? So, how can you tidy up without spending days or weeks “KonM...


Brush Up on Your Brushes

Here at Libman we like to say that, “Your kitchen is only as clean as it’s best scrub brush.” And it’s no secret that we have a ton of different sponges and scrubbers to choose from. But which is the right one for your task? Follow this is a handy guide for selecting the perfect cleaning tool for your kitchen, and you’ll be scrubbing away in no time.