Promoting Environmental Sustainability in Cleaning


It’s Earth Month and, here at Libman, sustainability is a priority for us year-round. We’re proud to be doing our part to be good stewards of the environment through our products, processes and practices. Read on to discover how we’re doing it!



We use more than 170 million recycled plastic water bottles each year in the fibres of our angle brooms. That’s 15 bottles (473ml) for each of our large brooms! Plastic shavings from broom blocks drill holes are repurposed in the production of new ones and most of our mop heads and microfibre pads are machine (or hand) washable and reusable time and time again. No single-use, disposable pads that add to landfill waste here!



Conservation is key! We reclaim storm water for use in our 1.6 million square foot manufacturing plant’s fire protection system – that’s a lot of rain! And, our innovative method of painting mop and broom handles is energy efficient and creates less waste in the process. Talk about a win-win!


Best Practices:

By implementing the GreenSteps program, we reinforce our commitment to sustainable development and environmental compliance. Through our Green Purpose partnership, we’re reducing waste and recycling more than 54,400 kgs each month. To learn more about GreenSteps and our commitment to being a positive force for good see:



Using less water is a good thing for both the planet and for your floors. Excessive amounts of water on your floors can cause bacteria to grow and possibly warp or damage hardwood floors. The absorbent Spin Mop and Bucket's microfibre head traps dirt and excess water, then expels it in the high-speed wringer. Plus, you can wash the mop head to refresh and reuse time after time.