Brush Up on Your Brushes


Here at Libman we like to say that, “Your kitchen is only as clean as it’s best scrub brush.” And it’s no secret that we have a ton of different sponges and scrubbers to choose from. But which is the right one for your task? Follow this is a handy guide for selecting the perfect cleaning tool for your kitchen, and you’ll be scrubbing away in no time.

Libman Kitchen Brush – The Everyday

If you’re going to own just one brush, this is the one. The long handle lets you clean deep pots, vases, and more with ease. Plus, the scraper edge will remove stuck-on food. And it’s dishwasher safe. So, if you wanna scrub down your scrub brush, that makes it easy.

Libman All-Purpose Scrubbing Dish Wand – The All-in-One

This wand will make you feel like you have magic dish-doing powers. All-Purpose Scrubbing Dish Wand combines the strength of your favorite dish soap and a powerful scrubber all in one. No need to squirt soap or fill the sink with water, this nifty little tool allows you to just scrub, rinse, and go. Perfect for small spaces and dorms.

Libman Bottle Brush – The Long Neck

If you’re not a new mama, you may think you don’t need a bottle brush in your cleaning arsenal. But there are lots of uses beyond a baby bottle for this brush. It’s the ideal tool to get a good clean on travel mugs and water bottles. Plus, Libman’s patented grips are designed for comfort and will not slip when wet.

Libman Copper Scrubbers – The Corrector

These powerful little scrubbers are excellent at removing grease and other tough messes, like, if you blacken your chicken a little too much. Or maybe that pan-fried fish got totally outta hand. (We’ve all been there.) Without rusting or splintering, these scrubbers can make your pots and pans look new again. Plus, they come in a handy two-pack!

Libman Easy Grip Scrub Brush – The Big Space Scrubber

This isn’t a brush to use for dishes, but rather to clean the sink. The angled brush allows you to get into tight corners. It’s large handle and wide surface area works great on bathtubs, backsplashes, and shower tile, too.


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