You'll Love Your Clean & Warm Home


Snow! Slush! Ice! Oh my! With temperatures falling and winter weather in full effect across the country, we’re sharing our top three tips for keeping things clean and cosy while staying safe this season, in and outside the house.


Spin Mop

Make quick work of snow and slush tracked into your home with the Libman Spin Mop. It removes over 99% of staphylococcus aureus and E. coli on ceramic tile and wood floors with when used with water*. The mop kit comes complete with a 360 degree spinning mop and bucket with a stainless steel wringer. The locking lever allows mopping at the user's preferred length. Push handle down once for a damp mop or more times for a drier mop. You can even throw the mop head in the washing machine to refresh and rejuvenate your Spin Mop to clean today and into the future.


Indoor/Outdoor Angle Broom

When there’s not enough snow to actually break out the shovel but enough to create a slippery hazard on the front porch, steps and walkway, rely on a sturdy broom to sweep the wet the stuff out of the way quickly and efficiently. And even if you’re not going anywhere these days due to the current lockdown – Canada Post mail carriers, grocery delivery services and courier drivers will thank you! Keep it by the door or hanging just inside the garage for frequent jobs this season.



Libman Utility Bucket

Safety first! Assemble a winter emergency car kit in a versatile and convenient bucket – and keep it in the trunk in case the need arises. Include a flashlight, flares, a reflective vest, a medical kit and an extra set of gloves. Peace of mind goes a long way… Pro-tip: The bucket bails out snow superbly in a pinch! For more ideas on what to consider including in the kit, see CAA’s checklist here:



Kitchen Cleaning Tools

Tis the season for comfort food! But have you ever tried to scrub the slow cooker clean after making a big batch of overnight chili? Baked on goodness has nothing on us thanks to the holy grail of hard-working kitchen brushes and sponges we keep corralled and close by in a convenient Sink Caddy. Ensuring nothing sits in dish water and everything dries quickly and thoroughly, it’s an ideal upgrade to any kitchen set-up. PS: Here’s our favourite slow cooker chili recipe from Canadian Living: