Get Your Home Holiday Guest-Ready



With the season of merry and messy entertaining upon us, we're sharing three smart cleaning tips to get your home guest-ready now. By making your holiday to-do list a little lighter this month, you'll avoid the inevitable stress down the road. There are plenty of Libman Cleaning Tools available to make your holidays less frantic and more festive. Give yourself that gift!

Indoor/Outdoor Angle Broom

Bundle up and begin outside! The Libman Indoor/Outdoor Angle Broom is strong enough to clear the front path and porch of freshly fallen snow or to sweep away fall's final leaves. It will definitely help you get this outdoor chore done quickly and efficiently thanks to precisely cut, environmentally-friendly bristles made from recycled water bottles. Hang it inside the garage or tuck it in the front closet for frequent and fast sweeps as needed. Your company (and Canada Post!) will thank you.

Pro-tip: The Indoor Outdoor Angle Broom doubles as a super snow removal brush for car windows in a pinch. Because we're sure we're not the only ones who can't find the snow brush when we need it!


Tornado Mop

Your floors are going to see a lot of foot traffic between now and the end of the year, so take the time now to give them a really good scrub. We know mopping can be a labourious and sometimes icky task - not to mention hard on the knees, back and hands. That's why we've designed the Tornado Mop with a large tangle-resistant mop head to cover more ground more quickly with bacteria resistant fibres for less odours. Coupled with an ergonomically-designed stick for comfort and a ratchet wringer to keep your hands cleaner, you may just change the way you think about mopping.

Pro-tip: Machine wash the mop top again and again. Think of it as your gift to Mother Nature (and your household budget) that keeps on giving.


Precision Broom & Dustpan

Not just for floors anymore, brooms have a million and one uses throughout the home. Remove cobwebs (a holdover from Halloween, of course) from ceiling fans and the tops of kitchen cabinets. Get right under the guestroom bed and furniture to remove the dust bunnies and into dining room corners that haven't seen you for a while with the Precision Angle Broom. While you're down there, use the attached dustpan to capture and contain debris.


Pro-tip: Hang this handy go-to tool right inside your pantry. With all the holiday baking you've got planned this month, you're going to need it. Also ideal for condos and apartments - taking up little space in the closet and conveniently at your fingertips for quick clean-ups.

Must-See TV!

We're hitting the road and traveling across the country this month with Style at Home magazine's Editor-at-Large, Karl Lohnes! Sharing his top pro-tips to getting homes ready for the holidays, you can catch Karl and his favourite Libman products on popular morning shows in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal. See our social media posts for the full schedule and tune in!