Multi-Purpose Libman Cleaning Tools


Ask any chef or home economist and they’ll tell you to take a pass on those single-purpose kitchen tools in favour of ones that do double duty, at least! Why? Because nine times out of ten, they simply don’t get used enough to warrant the spend or the valuable space they take up (ie., you really have to love asparagus to give up cupboard space for a $150 steamer). And we’re inclined to agree. We approach our cleaning tools with this same philosophy to maximize space and efficiencies while minimizing clutter and needless spending. Here are some of our favourite multi-purpose cleaning tools this season.

Something as versatile as this indoor/outdoor push broom is a perennial go-to whether sweeping up sand inside the back door at the cottage or debris from the concrete garage floor. It’ll even double as a super-duper scrubber for siding (add that to summer’s to-do list)! Lightweight and suitable for wet and dry surfaces, it hangs up neatly, clutter-free, and will be the broom you reach for most this season.



We challenge you to find a better all-purpose scrub brush! Ideal for scrubbing everything under the sun including outdoor furniture and car tires to decks, docks and even stains out of dirty clothes, you can usually find half a dozen or so of these always around the house. Keep one in the kitchen to scrub veggies clean fresh from the farmer’s market or maybe even your own garden. Pro-tip: Helps get silk out of husked corn, too!

The ultimate catch-all, carrier and impromptu shopping bag in a pinch (we’ve even seen it used as a Father’s Day gift bag with dad’s favourite things inside!), a utility bucket has more uses than a Swiss Army Knife. Keep one in the car, the garage, the workshop, the garden shed, under the sink, in the boat (you get the picture). And dual spouts make pouring water a cinch, should you decide to use it together with a mop to get the floors clean.



Not only can it help keep your floors clean, but our Spin Mop & Bucket can also help you clean other parts of your home, including your walls. The 360° spinning drum helps you wring out excessive water from the microfibre head to control how damp the head is as you wipe down your walls. Plus, you can refresh your mop head by tossing it in the washing machine when you are done!