Keep It Quaran-Clean!


With schools, offices and gyms currently closed across the country, household bathrooms are really getting a workout this spring. Residential water consumption is up so we’re sharing the low down on how to keep the busiest room in the house fresh and clean during quarantine.


Now if this baby isn’t Instagram-worthy, we don’t know what is! The only time water is truly welcome on the bathroom floor, the  self-contained 360-degree Spin Mop & Bucket comes complete with a stainless steel wringer. To wash the floor, simply plunge the handle down once for a damp mop or more for a drier one. No squeezing or twisting required. Plus, we’ve quite literally got your back as the helpful locking lever allows for mopping at the length you prefer. Machine wash the mop head. Check out exactly what we’re talking about HERE!


While fluffy folded towels and prettily filled cotton ball canisters are definitely a designer do, everyone knows there are just some things that are better left hidden in the bathroom. This chic,
two-in-one beauty hides two toilet must-haves: a toilet brush and a plunger. Easily accessible for routine cleaning and emergency clean-ups, the Toilet Brush & Plunger Combo is fast-drying,
well-ventilated and best of all — discrete.




Get grubby tubs and tile clean from soapy film quickly and efficiently with the new Tile & Tub Brush while keeping your hands clean and dry. Protect your fingers and knuckles from scuffing and bleach in the process, too. And it’s also great on grout.

Pro-tip: Refill with a new pad ever so often and use the old one to brush garden and workshop tools clean.