Get a Jump Start on Fall Cleaning


In addition to taking in the changing colours of the leaves and enjoying that first piece of pumpkin pie (perhaps with a dollop of maple syrup infused whipped cream?), there’s no denying that the upcoming Thanksgiving long weekend signals the unofficial countdown to winter for Canadians coast-to-coast. And, in doing so, the holiday jumpstarts fall cleaning for a lot of households, cottages, cabins and chalets with a focus on the outdoors. Here’s the deal: If you can accomplish the two major chores below, there’s a sweet reward waiting for you!



Master Your Outdoor Cleaning! 

Whether you don’t like heights or just tough jobs in general, window washing is not for the faint of heart. Before you haul out the ladder and head on up, take a couple of moments to set yourself up for success by determining which helpful tools you’ll want on-hand once you’re up there. A dual compartment bucket like the Clean & Rinse Bucket ensures that dirty and clean water stay that way. And while we’re on the topic of twos, we’ve seen the Microfibre Wet & Dry Mop used to wash and dry windows by simply alternating between a wet and dry pad (sold separately). A Small Scrub Brush and a sturdy sponge such as the Baked On & Tough Job Sponge are guaranteed go-to’s on window sills and panes alike.




Powerful Push Brooms

Front porches, decks and patios often get sealed before the snow flies to prevent water damage, wood rot and frost heaves. Whether those kinds of preventative measures are on your mind or you’re simply looking give things one final sweep to get rid of flaking paint and stain as well as seasonal debris, you’ll want to get your hands on a heavy duty push broom with super strong bristles to get the job done efficiently. Save time, save your back and save yourself from having to do it again.



Kitchen Brushes

Now that you’ve won the war of the windows, swept your heart out and likely bagged your fair share of fallen leaves – you deserve a delicious reward! And given the fact that October is also unofficially #PSL (pumpkin spice latte) season, break out your best fall mug and follow the link to Chatelaine’s recipe for the frothiest PSL ever. Then grab a book, put your feet up and do nothing else for the next little while. And don’t worry about the frothy milk build-up on the mug. That’s what our Kitchen Brush is for. A quick soak in the sink followed up with a soapy scrub – et voila!


 From our family to yours, may you have the happiest of Happy Thanksgivings.