Prepping for Pet Messes


Dog tearing up toilet paper


Believe it or not, it’s totally possible to have a clean home and own a pet (or two). Just because you have a dog doesn’t mean your house has to smell like dog. And even though your cat may be shedding his winter coat, you don’t have to be covered in cat hair. Pet messes are just part of pet ownership, but the key to a clean home is to plan for the mess rather than reacting to it as it happens. We’ve compiled seven tips on how to plan for the inevitable pet messes. (Or at least clean them up quickly.)


10 Tips to Plan for Pet Messes

1. Designated Towels

Set aside some old towels exclusively to use for your pet, or buy some Libman WonderfiberTM Cloths for use just on your pet. Keep one by the door, in your garage, and wherever else your doggy goes often. These are great for wiping off muddy paws or drying out that wet-dog smell before your pup enters the house. Wash these items separately from the rest of your laundry; that way fur doesn’t get stuck to your clothes or sheets.


2. Lint Rollers

The Libman Lint Roller may arguably be the most necessary tool for pet ownership. We recommend keeping a lint roller in every room where your pet is allowed for quick cleanup to avoid pet hair buildup. Another great place for a lint roller is your car to make sure your outfit doesn’t scream, “I’m a pet owner!”


3. Placemats

Your pet may not mind a more casual dining experience, but placing a plastic placemat under your pet’s food and water dishes can help prevent water stains and rogue kibble. For larger dogs & bowls, using a boot mat works amazingly well! Wash the placemat regularly along with food and water bowls. It’s recommended that these items are washed daily to prevent bacteria buildup.


 4. Cleaning Caddy

Even with meticulous planning, accidents are inevitable. To avoid being caught off-guard, prep a cleaning caddy with everything you need for quick pet cleanup. (Quickness is key to avoiding set-in stains.) A few items to include in your caddy include the following: a roll of paper towels, plastic bags, Libman Multi-Surface Everyday Floor Cleaner, and some big old towels for large-scale messes.


 5. Rubber Gloves

Libman Rubber Gloves can really work some magic on furry upholstered furniture and rugs. Drag your gloved hands across the surface of fur covered object, and the rubber gloves will pull the fur out. To clean the gloves, simply submerge them in water and the hair will float up to the surface.


6. Spray Mop

Small spills and paw prints are just part of pet ownership. Keep a Libman Freedom® Spray Mop next to the door your pet uses most for quick, effortless cleanup. No cords, special cleaning solutions, or disposable cleaning pads required. 


7. Grooming

It may seem obvious, but the first step to a clean house is a clean pet. Make sure to keep up on regular brushings (some pets may need it daily), nail trimmings, and trips to the groomer. Baths are also an important part of keeping your dog or cat clean and smell-free. Check with your vet or a trusted online source for your pet’s recommended bathing needs per breed and type.


8. Clean Baseboards

If you own a dog you know that the space between a carpet and your baseboards seem to attract errant fur like a magnet. Even vacuums with edge cleaners don’t always get these spots clean. Sweeping these crevices with the Precision Angle Broom will help you get these hard-to-reach areas cleaner.  This works great for the backs of stairs too!


9. Erase Nose Art

Whether you take your dogs with you in the car or your artist resides at home, all dogs have an internal Picasso. Libman Window Cleaner, whether concentrated or in a spray bottle, cuts through your dog’s artwork in a snap.


10. Brush Away Embedded Hairs

Some surfaces, regardless of how much you vacuum them, are nearly impossible to get embedded hairs out of. The back of a car or SUV is a prime area where you can have this issue, as are microfiber chairs, loveseats or couches. Libman Brushes, such as the No Knees Scrub Brush or Power Scrub Brush, are great for helping free air and dirt when it gets woven into these sorts of surfaces!