A Tidy Home is Tied to Wellness


Precision Angle Broom

With all the buzz around Marie Kondo’s Netflix show, “Tidying Up,” America has become obsessed with cleaning out our closets, shelves, kitchens, and garages. As we consider what items in our home “spark joy,” we also need to consider why it’s so important to de-clutter our homes. Multiple studies suggest that a tidier home can lead to lower levels of stress, increased productivity, and overall wellness. And, who doesn’t need that? So, how can you tidy up without spending days or weeks “KonMari”-ing your way to a happy home? 

Daily Habits to a Tidier Home

Make the Bed

Make making your bed part of your morning routine. Your bedroom will look cleaner and well cared for.


Let the Sunlight In

Open up the curtains or blinds, and let that beautiful sunshine filter in. But make sure to keep your windows free of dirt and grime with a quick swipe of the Libman Microfiber Sponge Cloth and Libman Window Cleaner Spray.


Do Dishes Nightly

Do not go to bed with dishes in your sink. After you’ve cleared the sink, wipe it out with a Libman Antibacterial Sponge for a sparkling shine. You’ll thank us when you come down for your morning coffee.


15-Minute Family Cleanup

If you make cleaning a team effort, it doesn’t seem so bad. Assign your kids tasks, put the timer on, and get cleaning – together! We suggest prioritizing the high-traffic areas in your home.


Never Leave a Room Empty-Handed

Clutter can really overwhelm your space. But as you move about the house, grab an item or two that’s not where it belongs and take it with you. Try to follow the one-touch rule – picking up an item only once before it’s put away.


Keep Your Supplies Nearby

Stock your bathroom with bathroom-appropriate cleaning supplies, like Libman Bowl & Brush Caddy and Libman Toilet Bowl Cleaner. Under the kitchen sink, keep supplies like new Libman Heavy Duty Scouring Pads, Libman Big Scrub Brush, and Libman Smooth Feel Rubber Gloves.


Wellness Benefits of a Neat Home


A 2009 study found that homeowners with higher levels of the stress hormone, cortisol, revealed that their houses were untidy. But people who were comfortable and happy had more organized houses. 


Increased Productivity

According to a Princeton study, when you’re less stressed and more focused without distractions from clutter and dirt in your home, your mind can process at a faster pace.


More Time

The more organized your space is, the easier life gets. No wasted time spent looking for your keys, your child’s homework sheet, or that bill you have to pay. When everything’s in its place, you can always find it!


Better Sleep

Because an unkempt house can cause us stress and anxiety, this alone can deprive you of a good night’s sleep. To the brain, clutter signifies incomplete work. Once that clutter’s cleared, you feel like your tasks are done.