Make Your Ho-Ho-Home Happy For the Holidays


We get it. The Holidays are looking a little different this year – with old and new traditions alike certain to bring us closer with family and friends in the most unique of ways. It’s a challenging time for all and we’re each going to need a helping hand to get it done. With that in mind, here are our favourite Holiday Helpers to inspire convenience, comfort and joy at home this season.

With nanaimo bars, butter tarts and cinnamon rugelach on the menu (not to mention whipped shortbread cookies!), give yourself a break and make clean-up a cinch with a quality scrub brush. With firm bristles designed to hold up to even the hardest of baked-on batter and pastry, you’ll be ready for the next batch in no time. 


The sticky residue from price tags and sales stickers can be next to impossible to remove from reusable tins (ideal for gift giving and neighbourhood cookie exchanges) and gift items. With a moist sponge, wash tins thoroughly with hot water and soap, scrubbing the sticker clean off the bottom. For gifts, you may be more inclined to use warm water sparingly on its own or a liquid sticker lifter. Either way, that darned sticky stuff will be gone – and you’ll be ready to wrap in no time!


From pine needles and faux snow to craft supplies and the tiny little bits of wrapping paper and ribbon which you’re going to find absolutely everywhere, there will be what feels like a million messes on the floor this season. And let’s face it – hauling out the vacuum each and every time is a chore! Simply keep a reliable broom and dustpan on-hand for the inevitable quick clean-ups ahead. Get under the table, into the tough corners, and hang it up and out of the way when you’re done.


The front foyer sees a lot of salt and slush this season which can be damaging to hardwood surfaces not to mentioned our four-legged friends’ paws. Do yourself a favour and skip the mop and bucket. Instead, keep an efficient two-in-one mop close-by in the front closet, laundry room or even simply behind the door. Load the tank with your preferred cleaning solution and reach for it whenever you see the messy stuff. With a few pulls of the trigger, your entryway will be looking as good as new in no time flat. Talk about a gift that keeps on giving!