Get a Jump Start On Cleaning Your Home


In addition to springing forward with a little more daylight for all, March has us seeing winter's dust bunnies and debris more clearly than ever. Let's get a jump start on cleaning up around the house and on the job, shall we?

How many fingers do you see? Fun fact: Each finger found on our Microfibre Dust Mop works hard to pick up dust and allergens, protecting your home from dirt and germs. With a reusable and machine-washable pad and a specially designed comb to brush out the yucky stuff, whatever's hiding under your sofa doesn’t stand a chance. To win your very own Microfibre Dust Mop, look for this photo on our Instagram and Facebook pages and tell us in the comments how many fingers you think make up this spring cleaning essential. Good luck!


Go pro! For spills of a decidedly larger kind, break out the new Industrial Grade Dust Pan. Capable of withstanding three times more weight than metal and reinforced to maintain its shape (won't crack!), the 17" wide scoop is molded of super durable polypropylene and boasts a 2.5" deep well. Definitely a must-have for any commercial workspace.


For mobile cleaning and quick commercial pick ups, check out the new Lobby Broom & Dustpan. The large-capacity dust pan features teeth to remove debris from the broom fibres and a simple handle clip for easy storage. The 10” wide sweeping width gives excellent floor coverage and the 38” broom stores neatly inside the dust pan. Both are equipped with convenient hanger holes for easy storage.

Be sure to check out our four gallon Clean & Rinse Bucket with Wringer! This is basically two buckets in one: one side for clean water and the other for the dirty water. This way you will never put dirty water on your floor again, helping you maintain a healthy home. Plus, the convenient wringer snaps in and out as needed.