Summer School is in Session


School may be out for the summer but the learning never stops around here! We’re taking everyone to “Summer School” this season to discover home economics hacks, why all brooms are not created equal, the science behind some of our most popular household cleaning tools and just what exactly those microfibre fingers are for! Follow along all summer long on Instagram and Facebook. See below for the first few lessons – class is officially in session!


Precision Angle Broom
Known as “flagged tips,” the frayed bristle of our brooms are designed that way - creating a wall to sweep up even the finest of dirt and debris. Contrary to popular belief and the misinformed, these are exactly the kind of split ends you want when sweeping! The more you know, eh?





Microfibre Dust Mop
The hundreds of lime green “fingers” found on our microfibre dust mops act as individual cleaning tentacles, working hard to pick up dust and allergens while protecting our homes from dirt and germs. BONUS: Do your own fingers a favour and use the clip-on comb to brush out the yucky stuff.




Clean & Rinse Bucket with Wringer
Quick! 1+1=? If you guessed 2, you’re right (gold star!) and that means we’ve doubled the ease with which floors can be mopped by designing two buckets in one – and cut your cleaning time in half. One side for clean water and one side for dirty water. How’s that for fast math?