Prepare To Enjoy The Outdoors As Summer Approaches


It’s been a long winter – and much of the country is still under lockdown making camping, cottaging and the idea of enjoying our great outdoors this summer a little uncertain at the moment. Never the less, the countdown is officially on! Before you fire up the BBQ, break-out the inflatables and pool noodles, and kick back in a chaise longue with the season’s best-seller, Canadians from coast-to-coast will be working hard to get backyards, front gardens, workshops, walkways and pool patios spruced up and ready for the Victoria Day long weekend. We’ve got a couple ideas to get you started which we hope will also become three season go-to’s in your own home. Here’s how:


Time to Scrub!

As the expression goes – ‘fail to plan and you plan to fail’! Begin by realistically assessing the work ahead of you and then start by giving all surfaces, patio furniture, planters and more a really good scrub! This flat scrubber head gets water, mud, dirt and debris out of cracks of all kinds while scrubbing mold and moss off the roughest of surfaces. Ideal for indoor environments such as garden sheds, garages, workshops and covered patios as well as weather-beaten concrete patio stones, interlocking brick and even wood and composite decks, too.


Sweep Large Areas

Now that you’ve scrubbed and loosened up lots of debris and brought it all to the surface, sweep everything away along with last fall’s dead leaves, pebbles, sticks and stones. Reaching for a 24” long and strong push broom will serve you best; you’ll maximize your time and effort by sweeping more surface space clean with fewer pushes. Robust and ergonomically designed, you’ll save hours and your back in the process.



Details Matter

Lastly – and this is one you’ll find yourself doing all summer long – give surfaces one final sweep with a convenient angle broom designed to pick-up anything left behind! Lightweight and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, it’s a quick and easy step that’s going to become second nature. Simply hang inside the garage or garden shed for quick fixes at any time.