New Year's Resolution: Get Your Home Cleaner & More Organized


Happy New Year! As we enter 2020, now is the perfect time to start new habits to ensure your home is clean and organized. Once you get your holiday wares packed up and stored for the season, your home may be in a bit of disarray with furniture out of place as well as tinsel and pine needles lying about. Getting back in order can take a little effort. Thankfully, there are Libman cleaning tools you can use to get your home cleaned and organized so you can get on with your everyday routine.

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 When you are done sweeping up your floors, you’re left with a pile of fuzz, hairs, and dirt. Make quick work of these piles without having to bend over thanks to the Upright Dust Pan. The convenient extra-long handle lets you easily hold it in position while sweeping dirt into the pan. Molded teeth in the back of the pan remove debris from broom fibers, that way you contain the mess, not spread it.


Get Swept Up in the Excitement

It has been said that variety is the spice of life and, thankfully, there are a variety of different Libman brooms you can use to clean your floors. The Libman Precision Angle Broom & Extra Large Precision Angle Broom all feature precisely cut bristles designed to reach under cabinets, around tight corners and other hard to reach areas.




Dust Up on Your Cleaning Skills

We’re all familiar with using mops to clean and shine your floors, but microfibre dusting mops are great for cleaning up and dusting your floors between deep cleanings. The Microfibre Dust Mop collects and traps dirt, dust, pet hair, leaving behind cleaner, dust-free floors. Plus, if your mop head needs cleaning you can do so by simply tossing it in your washing machine to make it good as new!