Get Carried Away with Libman


September signals a return to routine for everyone – at school, at work and certainly at home. Whether conveniently corralling cleaning tools for different chores around the house, garage and workshop or getting an enthusiastic jump start on cleaning up the yard before the autumnal equinox, here are our top three picks to get carried away with this month.


Not just for bathrooms and under the kitchen sink, why not turn a Cleaning Caddy into a Car Caddy for at-home detailing? Simply stock it with everything you need to wash, clean and polish your whip inside and out including our Small Scrub Brush for tires, High Power Terry Towels and Microfibre Sponge Cloths. Keep your Car Caddy in the garage and toss the towels and cloths into the washing machine so you’re always ready to roll with clean ones on-hand. PS: If you’re into vintage cars, you might even want to keep it in the trunk for quick polishes at rallies and car shows, too! 




With Farmer’s Markets across the country bursting with local bounty, it’s never been a better time to enjoy root veggies and squash varietals – and cleaning them has never been easier! Keep a Sink Caddy on the kitchen counter loaded with its own dedicated Kitchen Brush. There’s no need to use a soap or produce wash – it’s personal preference; you do you! Simply scrub them well under cold running water taking care to remove any dirt or garden debris. So handy! 




Have you ever stepped on a pine cone? Ouch! Ideal for carrying just about anything, we have a hunch our ergonomic bucket is going to see its fair share of the spiky coniferous cones this month (also terrific for apple picking). If you’re interested in saving them to use indoors for holiday decor later in the year, try bleaching them for an updated farmhouse chic look. Best done outdoors, here’s how:
1. Place your picked pine cones in a large bucket (such as our Utility Bucket)
2. Add 2-parts water to 1-part bleach to the bucket
3. Once the pine cones are fully submerged in the mixture, place a couple of bricks or a large stone over the pine cones
4. Soak the pine cones for 24 hours
5. While wearing gloves remove the pine cones from the bucket and place on a drop cloth or newspapers to dry
6. Let dry for 24-48 hours (the pine cones will open up again as they dry)
7. Once dry – let your inner decorator take hold. Enjoy!