Time to Give Thanks


Hay bales and a harvest moon have signaled autumn's arrival -- October sure is a busy one around the house! We're sharing a month's worth of cleaning tips and hints here designed to help you survive Thankgiving, Halloween and every day in between.

 With gorgeous gourds, devilish goblins and pumpkin spice everything out in full force, 'tis the season for giving thanks and getting the yard cleaned up and in shape for the colder temps ahead. In addition to raking leaves and trimming back garden growth, consider giving your wood deck or stone patio a really good scrub. First, sweep away dead branches, stones and debris so the surface is clear and ready for the next step. Then scrub with a strong, multi-surface broom and your favourite soap or cleanser to ensure mildew and mold don't grow to greet you next spring. Rinse well with a hose or bucket. All done! Now where's the hot apple cider?


Hanging Sponges aren’t just for scrubbing the scalloped potato pan this Thanksgiving, keep a separate sponge handy to scrub seasonal root vegetables like these gorgeous heirloom carrots. Rich in vitamins A, K1 and B6, quarter length-wise once you've scrubbed under cold water, toss in olive oil and salt to taste. Bake for 30 minutes at 350-degrees for sweet caramelization and a beautiful addition to any harvest table. PS: The purple ones are terrific antioxidants!

 They say the secret to sublimely flaky pie crust is butter. Very cold and lots of it. Resulting in decadent deliciousness and often paired this time of year with apple or pumpkin for the perfect Thanksgiving pie, a few crispy flakes always seem to go rogue, making their way off the dining room table and onto the floor. Instead of hauling out the vacuum to take care of business, wouldn't it be nice if there was a simple push broom or something to do the trick in a second or two? We thought so, too, so we'd like to suggest the Spiral Sweep Push Broom. Designed to sweep and pick up debris at the same time, the spinning brushes gather dirt and deposit it into a little bin. No bending over. No interrupting dessert. We'll give thanks for that!  


According to the most recent StatsCan information, almost four millions kids are getting ready to hit the streets this October 31st in search of Halloween treats. With 14 million occupied private dwellings across the country, that's a lot of foot traffic. Between answering the doorbell, keeping the cat way from the door and yourself away from the mini Coffee Crisps, make your life a little easier by keeping your front foyer clean from muddy little footsteps. Simply load your Freedom Spray Mop with your favourite cleaning solution (here's a super easy recipe for a DIY spray cleaner from the David Suzuki Foundation) and keep it handy in the coat closet or even behind the door. With a squirt or two - Abracadabra! You'll have your front foyer back in no time.