Unwrap the Gift of a Clean Home


Whatever your reason to celebrate this season, we're sure you have a to-do list long enough to make even the jolliest old fella jealous! From getting crafty with the kiddos and decorating the house to making all the things, baking all the cookies, entertaining all the neighbours - and even finding some quiet time outdoors - go ahead and give yourself permission to embrace life's messes. And let Libman be your own personal holiday helper.

Glitter, be gone!

Whether you've just wrapped up a sparkly craft project or put the final sprinkles on a batch of sugar cookies, there's bound to be a bit of a mess left behind. Be prepared - and have the right tools on hand to take care of clean-ups quickly and efficiently so you can get back to the fun stuff this season. The Libman Microfibre Wet & Dry Mop lifts and locks dirt and debris so you get your floors cleaner faster and, with a 360-degree rotating head, tough-to-reach spots don't stand a chance. So go ahead - decorate and embellish your little heart out. We've got this.


Toast to the Season!

Love the 'Nog? You're not alone. According to StatsCanada, we're set to consume more than five million litres of Egg Nog this holiday season. That's a lot of creamy golden goodness, and a lot of icky dried-on film lining the glass the next day (because we all forget to rinse, right?). Soak glasses in warm soapy water and scrub gently by hand with a Libman Scrub Sponge. Hand dry the glass and hang the sponge on its included suction hanger to dry. Cheers!


All-Purpose Buckets

We've reimagined our classic Wash & Rinse Bucket into an all-purpose carrier of all things holiday. Foraging for pinecones? No problem. Carrying ornaments upstairs? We've got you covered. Lifting string of lights up to the roof? We're on it. Oh - and of course, we'll hold four gallons of water once it's time to wash your floors.



Remember to Celebrate the Season!

This time of year, with all the hustle and the bustle, we can lose focus on why we're actually celebrating. Take a moment to step back and enjoy it. Enjoy your friends and family. Enjoy the traditions of years past while making new ones. Enjoy the laughs, may they be warm and hearty. And always remember the moments now, for they are the foundation of memories and stories that you get to pass on to the next generation.

From everyone here with the Libman Family to you and yours, may you have the Happiest of Holidays, and a blessed new year.