december 2021 blog


As family and friends gather, who couldn’t use a helping hand this holiday season? Here are our top three go-to items designed to help you embrace holiday messes of all kinds. Go ahead! We’ve got you covered.


Kitchen Brush

Keep one of these handy kitchen brushes in the kitchen for scrubbing stemware and vases after dinner parties, one in the pantry for scrubbing root veggies and one in the mud room for getting boots and pant legs salt stain-free! 





Baked On & Tough Jobs Sponge

Ever tried scrubbing a stubborn price tag off a gift? Meet. Your. Match. Fondue pots, casseroles, roasting pans and cookie sheets, beware! That goes for gooey glass cook tops, countertops and 
sticky candle holders, too. 




Microfibre Sponge Cloths

Bye-bye, paper towels! Our Microfibre Sponge Cloths combine the best of a super absorbent sponge, strong dish cloth and reliable dust cloth. Machine washable. Pro-tip: Keep one in the car or your bag for on-the-go clean-ups.