Libman Canada Newsletter - October 2019


'Tis the season for giving thanks and getting the yard cleaned up and in shape for the colder temps. Consider giving your deck or patio a thorough scrub. Sweep away dead branches, leaves & debris, then scrub with a strong, multi-surface broom and your favourite cleaner to ensure mildew or mold won't grow to greet you next spring. Rinse well with a hose or bucket. All done! Now where's the hot apple cider? Read This Month's Blog Prepare your home for Thanksgiving
Shop the Libman Freedom Spray Mop Millions of kids are getting ready to hit the streets this Halloween in search of treats. Erase muddy little footprints from your front foyer with the Freedom Spray Mop. Simply fill the tank with your favourite cleaning solution (here's a super easy recipe for a DIY spray cleaner from the David Suzuki Foundation) and keep it handy in the coat closet or even behind the door. With a squirt or two - Abracadabra! You'll have your front foyer back in no time.
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